The World’s Five Undesirable Olympic Countries

Unfortunately, Cuba is already the nightmare in typically the Olympic Movement. The reason why? Since 1964, Tanque has produced sportsmen with a large superiority complex and even strong anti-American experience. They may have showed this specific anti-Olympic feeling numerous times. Angel Volodia Matos Fuentes, the Cuban taekwondo athlete, is the just athlete in the particular Olympic history of which has hit a new referee. This patient kicked a referee in the encounter after he dropped a match with the 2008 Olympics. “We didn’t anticipate anything like exactly what you have seen to occur. I am just confused for phrases. It is really an insult to the Olympic eye-sight, an insult to be able to the spirit regarding taekwondo and, i think, an insult to be able to mankind”, said Yg Jin-suk (World Taekwondo Federation secretary). Angel won a yellow metal medal at the Summer Olympic Video games in 2000.

Within Atlanta in 1996, the Cuban’s women’s volleyball team quarreled with the Best team during typically the semi-finals. This is definitely why Regla Radameris Torres Herrera, who has received several features to become the top fashion unit in Italy, was suspended and could not necessarily play for a number of weeks. Cuban players involving women’s volleyball are famous for their own aggressiveness against competition.

Cuba’s Javier Sotomayor Sanabria will get remembered as 1 of the most detrimental examples in typically the world sports group. In 1988, Prensa Latina -Cuban news agency- announced that will in its yearly poll of sportswriters Javier Sotomayor had been named “Cuban Sportsperson of the Year”. He beat out and about Felix Savon (boxing), Jorge Fis (Judo), and Ana Fidelia Quirot (track as well as field). Javier, identified as “Soto”, was one of typically the most successful players in the record of the Cuban Revolution.

On Sept. 2010 8, 1988, Javier -whose country experienced boycotted summer time Olympics in 1988- fixed a world report in the higher jump. A year later he established another world document (2. 45 m / 8′ 1/2″). Under the path of Jose Godoy, a Soviet-educated mentor, he won almost all his competitive events in the 1990s.

In 2001, Javier Sotomayor, in one of the series involving exhibitions tournaments, analyzed positive for any muscle-building steroid. “The decision to let him compete again is like a hit within my face”, mentioned Arne Ljungqvist (vice president with the IAAF). Two years back, Javier also had tested positive regarding drugs at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg (Canada). However, they had been exonerated by the Cuban Olympic Committee. Furthermore, Fidel Castro Ruz -Cuba’s dictator- refused that Javier experienced taken cocaine. In a article in Granma (Communist party daily), Javier said inches I’m innocent. There are only seen of which substance in the particular movies. I�m the victim of steer, a dirty trick”.

Unlike Ben Meeks and Linford Christie, Javier received a special treatment by the particular IAAF. He had been banned from the IAAF for only 14 months. Thanks in order to this, Javier Sotomayor could compete from the 2000 Olympics, where he won a silver steel. Three European nations, Norway, Finland plus Denmark, criticized this kind of controversial decision. “If you test positive and get suspended, a person shouldn’t get yourself a reduced sentence simply because most likely a famous monitor athlete”, said Meat Sjoberg, a former globe record holder within men’s high leap.

2. Myanmar- Sports & Dictatorships

Olympic sport can unify a country such as Myanmar -an Asian kitchenware country which features many ethnic clashes. Yet , it -pop. 52 million- features one of many world’s undesirable bad Olympic teams. In the last fifty years, three dictatorships have destroyed the particular Olympic spirit in this particular land of lovely people. For mystery reasons, Myanmar did not compete with the 1976 Summer Olympics in Canada. Within 1980, Sue Khin finished in 47th devote the marathon at the Moscow Summer Games. Four years later, Myanmar -it officially changed its name from Burma in 1989- delivered 1 athlete (boxer) to Are usually (USA). In 1996, Myanmar was represented simply by only 3 athletes (athletics and shooting).

At the 06\ Asian Games inside of Qatar, Myanmar done 27th in typically the unofficial team rankings (behind China, Bahrain, Hk, Mongolia, The nike jordan, Lebanon, etc). Throughout an interview, Khin Maung Lwin, secretary of the Myanmese Olympic Committee, stated “Our NOC worked in close effort with the respected national sports federations to create all the necessary preparations intended for participation in Doha 2006. We certainly have picked the athletes that showed their best kind and achieved top rated results from of which 23rd SEA Game titles for the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006. As some sort of founding part of the particular Asian Games Federation in 1949 and the Olympic Council of Asia, we expect the Asian Game titles is a very important tool regarding the development involving the youth regarding Asia and regarding the promotion regarding international respect, friendly and goodwill… ”

3. Albania : Enver Hoxha’s Heritage

What is the particular reason why Albania will not produce brilliant athletes? Albania is definitely well-known for the indifference to sports. It is one involving the few European countries that have certainly not Olympic champions. Albania was one involving the most unsuccessful countries at typically the 2008 Summer Olympics in the Individuals Republic of The far east.

Like Mao Tse-tung (Chinese dictator, 1949-1976) and Pol Container (Cambodian tyrant, 1975-1979), Enver Hoxha failed to support friendly relations with the Cosmopolitan Olympic Committee. Coming from 1950 to 85, Enver Hoxha -one with the bloodiest dictators in the 20th century- gained a standing as an anti-Olympic chief on the globe. During the Maoist dictatorship, Albania boycotted seven Olympic Games (Rome ’60, Tokyo ’64, South america City ’68, Montreal ’76, Moscow ’80, Los Angeles ’84, Seoul ’88), more effective Mediterranean Games (Beirut ’59, Naples ’63, Tunis ’67, Izmir ’71, Algiers ’75, Split ’79, Casablanca ’83) and various other international events (Winter Games, World University Games, World competition, European tournaments). Throughout 1985, two weightlifters had defected to Yugoslavia (currently Serbia).

Since 1991, the particular new Tokyo Olympics 2020 Live government will not have interest in sports in addition to recreation. This Western european nation is shedding its best athletes, who are choosing to live in another country, rather than returning to be able to Albania. Many Greeks athletes have Albanian descent: Leonidas Sampani (weightlifting), Sawa Lika (track and field), Pyrro Dimas (weightlifting / Olympic safe bet, 1992, 1996, 2000), Mirela Manjani (athletics). At the Planet Championships in the year 2003, Mirela won the gold medal. Albania has been a member of typically the International Olympic Panel (IOC) since 1959.

4. Taiwan is simply not Ethiopia

Who has been the very last world-class sportsperson of Taiwan? The girl name: Chi Cheng (1959-1972). This Olympic ambassador has already been called “the East Flying antelope”. In the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, in October, your woman, who studied and even trained in Los angeles, won a dureté medal in the particular 80 meter lower hurdles. Two years later on, she broken typically the world records within the 100m (11, 00 seconds) and 200m (22, 44 seconds) in July 70, but she failed in the Olympic Games in 1972. At any time, she recently had a damage. Chi Cheng had been the favorite in order to win the precious metal medal in typically the 200m. To get ready for the Munich Games, she competed in Asia, European countries and the Usa States. In 1972, the girl announced that the girl was retiring by athletics. In year 1971, she was selected “World Athlete involving the Year” simply by the Associated Hit. In this selection, she beat Edson Arantes do Nascimento, one of the biggest athletes involving all time. Given that 1972, Taiwan continually celebrate Chi Cheng’s world records.

However, Taiwan can certainly not produce world-class sports athletes.

This Asian region -also known because ROC, Chinese Taipei, Republic of Cina on Taiwan or perhaps Free China- features 10, 000 stadiums, 1, 850 floating around pools, 1, four-twenty tennis courts, 14, 252 sports leisure areas, more than 762 gymnasiums, nearly being unfaithful, 100 basketball and even handball courts, and 87 cycling tracks. Exceeding double the budget of Discovery bay, jamaica, Ethiopia and N . Korea, Taiwan just has won two gold medals (1960-2008). At the mil novecentos e noventa e seis Games, Chinese-Taipei sent 71 athletes in addition to won one silver precious metal medal (tennis table).

They have not really learnt the encounter of South Korea, whose athletes need won 85 precious metal medals-its best non-traditional diplomacy in the particular world. A good example intended for a country which in turn does not experience full diplomatic relationships with 180 nations. Chinese Taipei -one of the fast developing world’s most productive democracies- is just identified by 23 countries: Belize, Burkina Faso, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Gambia, Guatemala, Holy See, Haiti, Honduras, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Nicaragua, Palau, Panama, Republic of paraguay, Saint Kitts as well as Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, Sao Tome & Principe, Swaziland, Tuvalu.

5. Iceland- A rustic without Olympic Winners

Iceland – a nation inside of the North Atlantic near the Cold Circle- has never ever won an Olympic medal in the Winter Games. It is one of typically the oldest Olympic nations around the world in the entire world (IOC member since 1921). Ranked by simply the United Nations since one of typically the richest countries in the world, Iceland has several athletics facilities- indoor stadiums, winter Olympic circles, sports parks in addition to pools. Many men and women can not believe one of the richest nations inside of Europe cannot gain a winter Olympic medal. Unlike Iceland, Liechtenstein -an region the size of District of Columbia- has won two Olympic titles in addition to 58 World championships. Iceland -it is definitely slightly larger than South Korea- required part in 12-15 editions with the Winter Games between 1948 and 2006.

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